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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
What kinds of people and what walks of life have you opened up to that you hadn't thought of before? I'm curious because I haven't had this experience. (Well, except that I inadvertently end up hanging out with more pagans, LOL).

My background - military profession for almost 20 years, east coast family in a place where the idea of feminism, hippies, art appreciation, political activism, street people, and even racial diversity were not a visible factor.

Moved out west - white picket fence, suburbs, lots of cash, no concept of the world as a global community, very vanilla, and very happy with how politics and capitalism work because quite frankly they work for me.
I socialised with middle class nuclear families and had no concern for anything beyond my own little world. Political activist, environmentalist, social activists were an annoyance to me because I saw it all as a waste of time and energy in the face of progress.

Enter the Poly Meetings....people from all the areas I had never before interacted with. People more concerned with communication than the accumulation of material things, people who view the world as a connected hive of people. Artistic, activists, creative, expressive, and caring for the world and its future.

Although I may not have assumed all the beliefs or attitudes of those around me, I have certainly had my eyes opened up to many amazing people and learned a greater appreciation for all people and what they believe in.

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