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Default My "Ultimate" Poly Situation

Since I really don't have anywhere else that I could share this online, I'm sharing it with you guys and gals. A situation happened this weekend with my girlfriend that reignited my poly flame and I got to thinking "What would my 'dream' situation look like?"

WARNING - I'm a "king of the jungle" type of male. Don't judge me! lol

This actually came to me in a vision more than me thinking about it. After the vision came I thought about it and was like "Yeah, that'd be pretty sweet!" I'm not sure if I had an ideal situation in mind back when I "discovered" I was polyamorous.

What I'd want is 3 to... maybe 5 (Who knows what numbers would work and not work, there isn't enough literature and scientific testing done on polyamorous relationships to know, one can only guess) girlfriends who protect my sanity.

It wouldn't be about group sex or... anything like that. They would be the guardians of my mind and time and in exchange get to live in my house on the lake (it's my dream! lol)

If a girl was ever interested in joining the group, she would have to be interviewed and seen to "add value" to our situation.

That would allow me to be a mad scientist and focus on my projects all day while they shop or something. They could actually even have whatever sorts of relationships they want (I assume 1 or more would be interested in relating with me). As there would be 3-5 (or whatever) of them monitoring each other, they would make sure the relationships were of the value producing kind.

I suppose the trick would be getting to that first 3... Actually I need to get to that house on the lake first...

Yeah... That'd be just right.
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