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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Some friends of mine moved to a new city two years ago and they told me today that they're just now really starting to make new, good friends. I'm not saying it'll take you that long (these particular friends have some small amount of social anxiety going on), I just wanted to make the point that you're not abnormal for feeling isolated now -- it can be *hard* to build a brand new network from scratch! But it'll get easier with time.
One thing I find hard when meeting new potential friends is perhaps coming off too strong. But also found that by not even trying to make friends will often lead to making more friends. =]

I really love the earlier comment about making a list of everything good about yourself and adding to it. Asking your friends and adding those to the list too. I want to try that out. See how much I can really find out about myself. =]
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