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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
It sounds like gossip to me. Do you mean you'd tell someone in your local poly community, an acquaintance, not a good friend, that their spouse was breaking their boundaries? Like, "I saw your h having dinner with this blonde bimbo last night, out of town"?

Flushing out info? Sounds like shit-stirring to me. Sorry.
Redpepper never mentioned saying anything like that. I think that certainly is stepping over the line though. Getting involved in peoples' personal lives. But I think using your own experiences to educate people is fine. Say it was your spouse who was breaking these boundaries. Then it's no longer gossip, it's your own life.

I think as long as your friends and whoever else is ok with it, you could also use those examples, but let them talk about it. What information you give would be different to someone who actually experienced it.
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