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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

The future that I want (and I like to ask for what I want and hear what my partners want because otherwise how is anyone to know what they want with me and I with them) is to have a house with four apartments. Here we call that a fourplex with four suites. I would have one, my husband another, Mono another and my boy another (for when he goes on to further education and for us to rent out in the mean time, or if he prefers not to do that). It would have to be private from neighbors. I would like to have a common entrance with a large staircase up the middle of the house.... Maybe a heritage house that has been converted? I also want to have a large kitchen in my suite where we can make meals together and eat together with friends and family or just us. I could visit the men and they could visit me... there would be a garden, a private yard and we could have people stay with us as we wish in our own suites. too much to ask?

For the record I am past the perceverating and am settled into a state of contemplation and acceptance...more like glowing embers than a roaring fire.

The future I see is simply one that I feel is healthy for all of us. I don't like to shape it too much or it seems to dissolve if that makes any sense. I think of the possibilities of our future with a calm peace and a belief that our love is unending.

I know I am moving forward but am unsure of where I'm going..kinda like following a compass on a foggy sea...the direction is there, but the destination is not seen.

The one thing I know is regardless of where I am going I expect it will be with my Lilo and the chosen family that has embraced me

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