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NeonKaos, thanks for your comment. Basically you're spot on, but I guess it's not that easy to do if you've been in the same relationship since 17, have developed all your interests together, no separate circles of friends etc...

And then what you're suggesting - while perfectly diagnosing a personal deficiency of mine- does for me not fully hit the core of my polyamory dilemma: What's in it for somebody in my situation. My gf would instantly call it off if I'd say so, but thats the last thing I want. I like the idea of poly, but I want to see something positive in it too, for itself.

Don't get me wrong, I'll have to come to terms with the new situation and embark on what you suggest (i.e. getting a new life) anyway, but in a few months from now, when our friends start asking me how I see the whole thing, I don't want to answer "well, this is how it is and I have to live with the new situation somehow" with a big sigh, but rather I'd want to wholeheartedly "advertise" poly as the much more natural and rich concept over the run-of-the-mill monogamous relationship.

But currently I simply don't see it...
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