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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Hi Carebear, welcome to the board.

Actually, triads are a rare aspect of polyamory, for many reasons. Most poly people date/form relationships one on one.

And this is a common reason triads are rare. Most unicorns end up wanting something they can call their own, a partner they aren't expected to share every time they have sex, marriage, kids, etc.

Coming into an established couple as a third is HARD.
Yeah, I totally understand that it's hard, which is why I'm willing and able to be so patient in finding the right person, not just any girl willing to jump in bed with me, lol.

Hmm...I'm not really the type of woman who expects to jump into bed with my other partners if they're going to be intimate or have sex. I'm very comfortable with letting each person have their own intimacy with each other, as well as having the triad.
I know I would want some of my own personal time with my girlfriend, and I would expect that my girlfriend and my hubby would want their own time together, as well.

As for using "I", "Me", instead of "we"....I do try to do that, but it can be hard to have it make sense in the written form, lol. The "girlfriend" would be both mine and my husbands, but we both would each be her significant other as well.
I hope that made sense. I think it makes more sense as I think about it, than I can make it sound written down.
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