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Well, nothing wrong with venting, and being pissed off.
I know I`m a fan.

Once you are done venting though, and settle down, it would probably help you to remind yourself of a couple of things.

There is no entitlement in getting partners. Regardless, we are monogamous, or open, or poly. It is not our right to have one.
I`d love to be a swedish swimsuit model, but I have not the body, nor am I swedish. I suppose I could be the centrefold for soviet housewife magazine though....if I tried really hard and was patient.
What is wrong with me ?????? nothing. I`m just not those things.

Also, is a grey area, but really, there is NO double standard. To say so, is to imply that this has been applied, when what you are really dealing with is the general populations personal principles for themselves, not so much principles set on others.
Women aren`t going out of their way to force you not to be polyamorous.
They are making the decisions they want for their own life. Most women want to have one partner.
Odds are women who do not want a polyamorous man, are also going to coach friends and family against such things too. They aren`t saying its ok for women to do it, and not men. They are not saying it`s ok for rich people and not poor people. Etc, etc,.

Why the fuck aren`t you happy already ? really. It sounds cliche, but if you aren`t currently happy, don`t expect to attract all kinds of women.

You want to 'ditch' your friends and wife ???? Wtf is that ? What kind of place is your head in, that this even makes sense ? ' Hi, I am a poly male and would like other relationships. If I don`t get what I want, I`ll fantasize about having a temper-tantrum, where I ditch my wife because I am jealous she is getting dates and not me.'

I really hope during your rant you forgot to explain those things in details that would help make sense.

I understand most of this comes from the pain you feel, but the more your pain snowballs and creates this type of thinking, the LESS likely anyone will give you the time of day.

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