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I have found some very useful enhancements to my communication style recently...
An example of which I will describe;
I had a client asking me a question. He wanted a direct answer..
I started by describing the landscape.
He said - I want you to answer my question.
I said - Yes, I can see that.

And I made a decision to continue my communication.
He got frustrated and demanded an answer to what he thought was a simple question.

I calmy said to him - The words I am sharing with you are not random words that I pick from a hat. The reason I am having this conversation with you is that I believe this is information that is crucial to the foundation of your question....and of course, I want to answer your question. But I will not skimp on the answer, even though you want me to. What I am saying now is part of the answer...and you will see this is important when I proceed to the actual answer giving...

He paused and thanked me and we continued.

I'm inclined to think - my communication is mine. I want to remain mindful of it's delivery....but it is actually mine. I think there's a danger when you give too much of your communication style to the audience..
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