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The weekend was great. It seems that everybody had a good time. It was wonderful to see Mya, and we had a few hours of alone-time, too (we sent the guys shopping ). Not enough to totally reconnect after a month of being apart, I'm afraid, but it was still lovely.

So far, we've had a few of these weekends with all four of us hanging out together. It's always been a lot of fun but it's also quite intense. I'm usually not a terribly social person: I enjoy time with friends but I need my own space. I think for me a weekend is pretty much a maximum time of this kind of intense group-time so that I'm still able to enjoy it. There have also been times I've spent time with Mya and Alec, and those have also been pretty intense, but in a slightly different way, since I obviously know both of them better than I do JJ (we're still getting to know each other, as are Alec and JJ, and Mya and Alec as well, although they've seen each other a bit more often). We'll see how it goes when Mya comes to visit: it'll be for a week, but all of us are doing other stuff too (they work and I study) and all of us will have some space and stuff of our own, so it won't be as intense as it is when it's weekend and one or two people are visiting. We'll be sharing more of everyday life and it'll be less of a 'special occasion', so it won't be/feel rude for anybody to take some time alone if they need it etc.

When we spend time as a group, I still seem to put some pressure on myself for everybody to enjoy themselves (and Alec does this, too; don't know about Mya and JJ). I know it isn't smart, cause it obviously isn't my responsibility and I can't make people have fun if it doesn't come naturally no matter how badly I want it. So I know it's moronic and I'm trying to stop. And it's getting easier to let it be the more time we do spend together and the more evidence I get that people actually like each other. I almost drove myself crazy with this the first time me, Mya and Alec hung out (as they can testify), and compared to that it's getting a thousand times better. But it's still exhausting, to stress over the what ifs and stuff I really have no control over (and I guess that's why I have such a hard time in letting it go). If anybody has any magical tips, besides trying to rationalise myself out of it, feel welcome to share...
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