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Conflicted emotions are fine - it's really the core of who we are. We do not feel the same all the time....each and every part of you is important.

The part that considers a happy triad - fine !
That part that fears rejection - fine !
The part that is head over heels for both - fine !
The feeling you should choose one - fine !
The part that you consider flying once or twice - fine !

I believe there is great value in accepting all of this as part of you. I believe you need to feel all of your emotions....that's what they are there for..

Don't panic about what appears to be conflict in the way you feel. Acceptance that there will be conflict is very important.....It teaches you to listen to yourself. Which is a good thing.

I've found by increasing my capacity to listen to myself...well...the results have been astounding.

Good luck !
PS. Don't panic too much....or if you are inclined to do so, I would suggest this approach;
I will allow myself to panic for the next (insert time frame)
and then I will work on being constructive again
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