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Talking Poly --What?! There's a name for this?!

Hello everyone!
I'm new to the forum (as you could probably tell, since I'm introducing myself).
I'm a 27 year old woman, married to my hubby since '08, but we've been together for over 10 years now.
I'm bisexual and have always thought about bringing other women into our relationship, but never knew there was a term for that.

Our poly journey began about 8 years ago, when we spontaneously had a 4-some with some of my female friends on New Years Eve.
After sobering up, taking a few days to think about everything that had happened, and discussing, we decided that we had a lot of fun and wanted to see if it would be as much fun sober and coherent.
We ended up having another "experience" with a different friend of mine, and again, it was a lot of fun (more-so while sober).
Eventually, after MUCH discussion (and a little time), we decided that our relationship might have a better dynamic if we were to include another woman in our relationship as an equal partner.
I began doing some researched and found that there was actually a word for this -- Polyamory.
What I liked most about Polyamory is that it can be dynamic; it is not the same for every person who lives it, which is why I thought it would work out so well for us.
Another (different) friend of mine decided she wanted to join us in our relationship, and it went very well for awhile; we were all very close friends, loved each other, and really just enjoyed having that closer relationship.

Eventually, she found a man she decided she wanted to be with in a monogamous relationship, and we were quite devastated. It was hard to try and not be heartbroken, because this is someone we trusted very much, and she essentially cheated and left.
Needless to say, we needed some time to recover from the heartbreak and decided to just be with each other for the time being.

About a year ago, we decided we wanted to try again and find someone we could both be with. Obviously, it's very difficult to find a single woman who wants to join a relationship that's already established (a unicorn), so we're currently still searching for someone.

I joined this site for support from other poly people and I'm very happy to be here

Anywhoo, sorry for the uuber long introduction and I can't wait to join in all of the conversations!
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