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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
Maybe you just don't really want to have sex with this other guy that much?
And remember that many or most polyamorous people are less focussed on sex than on loving relationships which may or may not include sexual intimacy. Thus, if someone expresses an interest in exploring polyamory, we don't assume the crux of the matter is whether and/or how much a person wants to have sex with another person.

Take me for example. I figure that if a person wants to have sex with other people they can do that without being polyamorous at all. There are all sorts of ways people do this -- and name it. There are "fuckbuddies" and "friends with benefits" and "NSA" (no strings attached).... These don't involve forming intimate and loving relationships at all. So if what a person wants is sex, ... well, let them have sex. And if a person wants love, let them have that. And if they want love with sex -- and loving sex, let them have that. But these are all VERY different things.
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