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Originally Posted by trueRiver View Post
It is often said, but for deletion there is in fact one more rule.

You can only delete a post if it is the last post on a thread. Once someone else posts the software seems to prevent deletion. (I have not found this written up anywhere, but came across it in practice when I tried to delete something. It was within the 12 hours, it could be editted, but the delete button was not offered)

This kinda makes sense, as they might be responding to what you said, and if you delete it then their message would itself be left hanging.

Riiiight. But you can "edit" it to be anything you want, including gibberish or just a dot or dash. So, you CAN "delete-edit" your post, then report it to the moderators, request that we delete it for you, within the 12 hour window, and it's all good.

Why oh why do people like to complicate things unnecessarily? Oh, don't answer that - I just remembered where I am.
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