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Default this is on my mind evidently

I'm really trying to figure out who I can in fact talk to about this:
My tight friends: My best guy friend just had his wife cheat on him with his brother and leave their marriage of 8 years for said brother. This guy's really not keen on open relationships as well. My wife and I's "fantasy unicorn," and her boyfriend are not options either, she's a little to tightly wound up and doesn't like to share really deep feelings (much the reason of why we know she's only a fantasy) even though we're tight friends (we moved across the country together). Her boyfriend is a man of MANY insecurities and jealousness, and I just don't think he'd respond well to this.

My casual friends are really closer to A than me, and while she and I flirt openly with many of them, she does so more and I'm really waiting for both of us to reveal this choice to /some/ of them.

My personal casual friends/acquaintances: Most of these are coworkers, which I already do not share many of my lifestyle choices.

My family: they live 2500 miles away, and while I know they'd be okay, my brother is having a rocky time with his marriage because an extramarital affair and I do not want to add any drama to that mix.

A new development comes from a dinner party we through on Sunday night (we're really big foodies and are friends reap the benefits) At the party, I spent time with this a friend of ours with whom I'm attracted, my wife took notice and encouraged me to pursue my attraction to her (the friend I went out with last night did as well, though she subtly revealed it). But at the same time, I don't know how I'm going to approach this, and I don't want to weird her out by asking to meet with her without A.
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