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Well, time for an update.

First off, this new relationship is going very, very well. Her name is Jacqui, and we've both been blind-sided by the strength of our connection. Part of it is NRE, but we've it's definitely very, very intense. Those double adjectives? Showing up a lot . . .

The only drawback right now is that her boyfriend is a little uncomfortable with the speed at which the relationship is progressing. See, today is two weeks since we met in person, and we've already been out six times. Due to his comfort level, we've put some fairly strict parameters on our interactions. This is, I believe, a good and respectful thing, but it also carries a great deal of frustration and uncertainty. I met him for the first time the other night, and we got on well, so I think things are really moving forward. I'll post more on that as it progresses.

The other relationship? Not so good. In fact, I just broke up with her about 20 minutes ago. Without going into too much detail, it was expected by both, but not a happy or welcome experience. I think I was respectful and controlled, even in the face of what I felt were unfounded accusations. I knew it was coming however, and I'll now be able to give more attention to my wife and my new girlfriend. Basically, everyone I'm involved with now will be able to get the respect they deserve, and I won't feel like I'm stringing someone along. Still sucks, though.

Anyway, that's the relationship front for me. I'll definitely bring more news as it comes along!
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