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Thanks for your thoughts.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Why not just enjoy it and see what happens? It sounds like you are thinking too much into the future and not living in the moment.
I suppose because being the other side of the country, nothing will happen unless I make an effort to make it happen, and major planning has to be involved for me to even see either of these people again. I don't know what to do, so thinking about where my choices lead seems a natural way to try and make the decision (if you have a better way to decide what to do, please share!).

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
You might want to stop thinking of every sexual encounter or possible relationship development as a D/s thing though. There is no reason why any one has to play those roles all the time. Sure D/s is fine and dandy, but it isn't everything in life unless you have an arrangement; which it sounds like you don't. Just a thought anyway.
While I appreciate some people can take or leave D/s (or play a role for a while), for me its a hardwired sexual identity - sex is simply not at all enjoyable for me without a strong D/s element, and its not something I would willingly choose to live without. My relationship with both of these people is in that context.

Its not really relevant to the relationship issue, other than to say that I have a strong sexual need that Alan is compatible with and Bridget is not, which adds a layer of complication to my thinking about either of them.
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