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Question ? Has this happened to any of you ?

Do any of you have this type of situation...

My girlfriend deeply loves me. (she lives with us)
My husband deeply loves me.
My girlfriend wants to be close to my husband and really wants to be friends with him.
My husband says he loves her heart and soul and that she is a good friend who could become even closer as time goes on, but if it wasn't for our situation and my deep love for her he probably would of never been friends with her.
My Husband says he wants to have her join our family for the long hall, but seems to get jelouse easily.
On top of all this we have had some sexual experiances, of course me with my husband, soem me with her, and some me with both of them, but never the two of them alone.

To me this seems a little strange in the light of Poly since I am madly in love with both of them and them me but between the two of them they are just friends who are trying to build more just for my sake (or atleast how that seems... my girlfriend says she wants the deepr friendship with my husband , but my husband has never said that about he). (My husband is one of those people that once he makes a friend that person is a friend for life and stays in touch for a long time... me not so much

Let me know if any of you have a simmilar situaion to this OR let me know what you think of this. Thanks for the advice. I am new to all this and just have so many questions. Sorry for the long letter.
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