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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Haha seriously. She's only done this twice in the year that we've been dating...

Wait... That sounds worse. Sigh.

No but seriously, you've got the wrong idea, she doesn't drink or party much. This was a special event with coworkers. The guy is unrelated to the drinking. They really hit it off on the first date compared to other guys, she was drunk last night and he was texting her while she was out drinking and they decided to meet up after. She's not dancing and picking up guys at bars. They're poly/open OkCupid people. He *is* open/poly, and does know about us, and was respectful of our no-sex-yet rule, and she was mad at me for not remembering, but seriously I can't remember every detail of every guy she talks about. I felt threatened by the other guy, not this one. This one seemed incompatible.

I'm at her place now, she knows I'm upset and is super affectionate to try to reassure me that nothing bad is going to happen to us. It's kind of bad that I can't stay mad at her, but kind of good? It's like when a kitten barfs on the carpet and you can't stay mad at it. I guess it's good. We can talk about how I feel in a less emotional way so it doesn't blow up into a fight. But if I were upset she would take it more seriously?
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