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Okay first off before I blog about today I think wifey and her boyfriend deserve nicknames. Wife's will be Jess, and her boyfriend's will be Mark.

So Jess woke me up this afternoon (yes I overslept) and was all frantic, and kept saying how I need to come see what was going on outside. I got up and walked to the door and creaked it open to see our neighbor next door to us in a police cruiser. There were 5 other cruisers parked near his house and I saw some of the officers walking in and out his house with what looked like to be bagged items. Guess the guy probably had something in his house that was illegal and they were taking some of his belongings as evidence. He was a nice guy and we always talked once in a while whenever we saw each other. Oh well. After watching that small episode of "Cops" me and Jess drove to Mark's and picked him up so me and him can shoot some hoops at the rec for a few ours with the locals. It was a good workout. Teamed up and played against on a few games and as usual when I regularly go there, a lot of trash talking. Mark got a good little game, and almost got me one-on-one.

When Jess picked us up she looked at us and was like, "Oooh two hot sweaty men!" I rubbed some of my sweat on her and she screamed. That was too funny.LOL Got back home, both of us took showers and she snuggled up on the living room couch with him. I left them to spend some time together while I went to my best friend's house for his family barbeque. Talked to him and some of his folks and ate some good ribs. Damn his mom can throw down. My friend doesn't know that I have opened up my marriage and I have for the longest, been debating on whether I should tell him or just keep it on the low. To be honest I'm afraid of his reaction and whether that would cost us our 15 year relationship. Jess in the past has told me she will support whatever decision I make, but I'm still uncertain. Other than that, my day ended well.
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