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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Yes, I agree she is breaking boundaries. Broken boundaries increase jealousy. Firm agreed upon and acted upon boundaries increase trust and compersion.

She doesn't even sound polyamorous to me, but more into "poly-fuckery," which is fine, but call it like it is. She must be a cute, flirty, sexy girl into drinking and partying, and boys are drawn to her like moths to flame. No doubt it's fun for her, the ego strokes, the sexual stimulation, the tipsiness, the dancing. The NRE.

Does this suit you?
Haha, no she's not like that. She is cute and aggressive on dates, but not much of a partier or drinker (at least not that I know of). She meets all these boys through OkC, and they are all ostensibly poly or open themselves. And dates usually don't go this well. She's usually a bit disappointed upon meeting them, but still interested enough to see them again. I don't remember the last time she had sex with someone else, months ago, but she's been on a lot of dates and has guys messaging her and texting her constantly.

If only she took things more slowly and put my feelings first and didn't get defensive when she breaks boundaries, I would be ok, and maybe even happy, with all of it.

Also if I had dates of my own.
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