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Originally Posted by KharlaJ View Post
Danish sperm bank no longer takes donations from redheads. What's wrong with that, i mean what's their explanation why redheads can't anymore become a sperm donor?
It's explained in the article.

Cryos maintains it has “nothing against redheads,” but that there is little demand in the 65 countries it provides services in for red hair, outside of Ireland. Also, in Scandanavian donors the company will now only accept those who have brown eyes.
Redheads were looked down upon in early Christian art, where the lustful Mary Magdalene and the "traitor" Judas were depicted as redheads.

Perhaps it was because the dark haired Celts and Mediterranean peoples were being invaded by the blonde and redhaired Goths/Vikings of Scandanavia. Blondes are seen as stupid, and redheads are seen as too fiery and hotheaded to be trusted?

OTOH, red hair was very popular amongst ancient Greek women, who wore red wigs, or dyed their hair with henna. They made their blonde and red wigs from the hair of German slaves.

In 16th century England, women’s wigs were often dyed red as a compliment to Queen Elizabeth, who had naturally red hair.

Personally I hate discrimination of any kind. It's a terrible shame that ginger kids are being beat up based on their hair color. Stupid humans will fight about anything.

I know I disliked red hair as a kid, but somehow I did a complete turnaround, and started to love them, and red beards as well.

My gf is a light brunette with red highlights. Soon after we met, she made the decision to go auburn and has never stopped.

My oldest daughter is strawberry blonde and started coloring her hair red at age 5.
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