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Originally Posted by KharlaJ View Post
Though they don't deserve it, redheads are often given a bad reputation for no purpose at all. Red-haired contributors were recently told they were no longer accepted at the world's biggest sperm bank, and red head discrimination could be an actual phenomenon. We have different styles and different taste when it comes in choosing the perfect dress and look that we like. Some would have a weird haircut or hair colors but, that's us. We can change our looks for the better but other people must understand and respect our decisions. Danish sperm bank no longer takes donations from redheads. What's wrong with that, i mean what's their explanation why redheads can't anymore become a sperm donor?
Basically, it's a supply and demand kind of thing. They have a surplus of sperm from red haired donors and demand is way down. From their experience, people only select that particular sperm type if a) the father who will raise the child is red haired or b) the family is of Irish decent. They aren't saying they will never take those donations again, but they are at or over their quota.
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