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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
A friend of mine said, when I told her about this family, when you're lower income, you're a hoarder. When you're wealthy, you're a collector.
Like Crazy VS Eccentric.

As for how I'm doing? Slightly stressed due to sudden, unexpected money problems. However being poor for so long and never having any money I know how to handle these issues. I'm a damned anteater.

Other then that, good. Hours at work are going to start picking up soon, the cooler weather makes me happy, spend several hours last night catching up with an old friend who is going through a hard time, and looking forward to some good things that are coming down the pipe at me. Also it dawned on me I haven't had a major depression swing in several months. This makes me happy.

So I'm listening to older music and doing some light reading. Life's not great, but it is good.
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