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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
He recently bought a house with one of his partners, but that doesn't put her "first".
I agree that this doesn't necessarily put her "first" emotionally, but the health of their relationship will definitely have a greater overall impact on his life do to financial entanglement. I would think he would be more aware of maintaining their dynamic.

I guess it comes down to overall impact of the relationship. If I view it this way it seems clear to me;

- If Redpepper and I need to reshape our relationship into a friendship then there is heart ache and internal emotional impact.
- If Redpepper and her husband need to redefine their relationship there is the issue of dividing assets, child care, support payments, and various other external issues added to the emotional stuff that will result in a much greater impact across a broad spectrum.

This leads to an obvious choice of which relationship to prioritize when push comes to shove. I would expect it no other way.

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