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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
.....but you are.

One thing we have to be careful of ( All of us, myself included.) is not to put doubts in other people`s heads, when they say they are fine with something. All this non-monogamous stuff is hard enough, without people planting rotten seeds.

If it really isn`t ok, it will rise up of its own accord. Otherwise, I see far to many people who truly are ok with something, until others act like it is not allowed, in the 'Poly Book-O-Rulz'.

Section 7 , code 9 : 'Let there be no hearing of grunts, moans, or juicy matters, within thy coveted earth-home.'

* squishes that paper* Fuck that.
Oh wow. "Thy coveted earth-home?" Priceless.LOL

It might be just what he needs. Maybe they sound so funny, it takes all the pressure off him, that the other guy is not some ultra-stud. As long as he speaks up, when he isn`t in the mood to hear it, no harm, no fowl.
OP : I think you need to talk more. My general impression is blogging will be good for you, and discussing things out-loud as they come up. The odd feelings you have, are probably a mixture of things. ( all the feelings you suggested),...they grow and whirlpool, if you keep them to yourself.

Therapy, blogging, and friends who are soundboards will help you feel in control of those feelings.
Great suggestions SourGirl, you're probably right about the odd feeling I have.
Do what you are.
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