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Default Heinlien? polyamorous author.

I'm not certain if I have the spelling correct or not, but I was wondering if anyone here has read his work. He wrote many works which feature polyamorous charactors, such as "Time Enough For Love", "Friday", "Stranger ina Strange Land" and "I Will Fear No Evil", among many others. When I first read his work I didn't really think it would work in real life, but as I'd never been a relationship at the time I reserved judgement. I was of course, a very wise fifteen year old I was wondering again, if anyone else had read his work and what they thought. I was also curious if anyone knows if he had real world experience with what he was talking about. Mainly because I'm very curious about situations where the realtionships work. It's easy to find stories about where it hasn't after all. Anyway, looking forward to what anyone has to say.
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