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Originally Posted by ClosetPoly View Post
....are you really sure about this? I don't mean to question your feelings or level of acceptance, but for me, if nothing else, I would consider it rude. Alone time ALONE is one thing, but in the same house when you are there is not cool, in my book. Could this be a reason you feel small, or are you *actually* perfectly okay with this?
No no I'm perfectly fine with it. I mean it's not like they do it at our house all the time, and in the beginning of our triad we were in agreement to them doing it only at his house. I guess you could say that was back when I was uneasy about the relationship.

I still don't know how to accurately describe this feeling I have. I don't know if this jealousy, insecurity, or what. Is my subconscious trying to warn me? Maybe I need to see a personal counselor in the future that can help.
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