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Originally Posted by lemniscate View Post
Do you know for sure if this person is using protection with his partners? You don't know who he is sleeping with, and could be opening yourself up to STDs or other diseases.

That being said, I also agree with redpepper that getting to know your partner's other partner might be helpful to you, and may be the tool you need to help you conquer your fear.

I suggest that you read up on the definitions of poly, go to some local meetups, and talk to others with strong poly relationships. Best,

As for safe sex practices, we ALWAYS use protection and we have agreed to share STD test panels (the full 10 panel expensive one). We actually went to get tested together...

In this most recent case where I went off the deep end, this woman isn't even a factor. She's a coworker. I still have no idea why she contacted me other than curiosity from the email list, but I have decided not to worry about that.

I SOOOO wish I could connect with like minded people. The nearest poly group to me is about 2.5 hours away, and I am still reluctant to be "out" in any type of way. I am the daughter of a well known pastor in the black church community and not only would I be ex-communicated (which I don't care about. I haven't been to church in years), but it would bring disgrace to my family and I would be disowned.

My family would literally lose it if they knew I was involved with a woman...
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