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Danny, thanks for the nice words....we have been talking more and more the last few weeks. It has done wonders for the 3 of us. There has been some crying and some laughing. We are all understanding the relationship better and growing more comfortable with it. My wife has always been the traditional kind of woman so this is definately asking a lot of her. She has been about as understanding as a wife could be and we are all trying to work through our various feelings.

I know most women would not be able to embrace this scenerio at all. I have tried to explain to her that the problem is with me and how I'm wired, not her. Being lefthanded and somewhat of a contrarian in my views has made it much easier for me to embrace this relationship because it feels naturally more "right" to me. I know it must be hard for a spouse to hear this let alone accept it, but it is the truth. Hopefully we can continue to make this path work....
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