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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
What do you mean "deny"? Why would anyone deny that some people bond with others through sex? Please show me where, if any, on this forum someone has said that. Just because some of us like sex that DOESN'T NECESSARILY INVOLVE EMOTIONAL BONDING, doesn't mean we're all "No one should ever bond through sex".

Please explain what you mean because I think you're way off base saying that people have "denied" that some folks bond through sex. That just sounds absurd. You must have meant it differently. If you did mean it at face value, please provide evidence to back up your words.
I apologize, I should have been more complete in my answer. The concept had been denied to me in my personal life before by past lovers. I realize now that adding that detail would have made more sense. My apologies; it was not directed at anyone on the board. I have no problem with anything anyone has said here.

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