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Here's another vote for OKC! I met my wonderful amazing boyfriend on there. He was listed as the highest match percentage for me in my area, and they were RIGHT. I could be a walking advertisement for that site.

Polymatchmaker is a nice site, and we met some really nice friends from there, but I don't like it as well as OKC for some reason, can't really hit the nail on the head there.

Other than that, if you're kinky, there's Fetlife. I'm kinky, but for some reason have never made a profile on there, but my boyfriend and his wife are on there all the time. They really enjoy it.

As for making a poly dating website; my advice is that you learn more about being poly first. To me it doesn't seem that you're quite clear on the concept yet (not that this is bad, I acknowledge that you're new), but the first step I would take before building your site is RESEARCH the heck out of it so you learn what being poly really is, and what those who are poly might want out of a dating site so then before you put in all the effort and expense (I'm a web developer, so I understand) you'll have a strong foundation upon which to start.

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