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Default When the going gets weird...

...The weird turn pro. -HST

This line has been a great description of my life so far, and this recent "shift" hasn't been any different.

Again, as I think I stated in the context of the tomb that was my first post, that I've learned just as much if not more about myself that about my wife in all of these recent events.

I've found over the last few days that I am really invested in my wife's relationship experience with J (as I'll refer to him).

She went to visit him again Monday, after minimal talking, over the weekend, and I was just as concerned as she was that he was not weirded out or what not. I still haven't talked to him, and A (as I'll refer to my wife) has been really wanting me to go play cards with him or do something with him. But the last thing that I wanted to do was go play a poker game with a bunch of folks, yet not being able to talk with him personally about things that were imperative to say to him.

I told her that the first time I hang out with him I need to have her there with us so we can all talk about this together, place everything on the table, and then move from there.

We're supposed to do this friday evening, and honestly, I wish it was tonight so that it wouldn't still be on my mind. However, when A said she'd arrange it and be present, an instant layer of awkwardness was removed from my perceived future discussion with J.

I got out of the house last night, and while all I did was watch a movie with two friends (non-couple) of ours in a living room, the time was well spent.

Still haven't talked to someone else in person about this, and I'm not sure how I will approach it with anyone that already knows A and I because I don't want them to be weirded out.
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