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I called her!!!

It was great!!!

I just called Sundance and told him I talked to her. He is freaked out, a little teeny bit miffed and a little in awe of my ballsiness (word?) but I feel sooo much better, and I believe SHE does too!

I was cautious enough to skirt around some of the fringes, where I think he has kept some things from me or from her, BECAUSE, overall, I was relieved to discover that most of what he's been saying is TRUE. I also didn't want the conversation to be 20 questions, or some sort of interrogation. I wanted to be respectful and not put her on the spot. (I was VERY surprised she didn't have any questions for ME! I guess she really believes every honeyed word that drips from his mouth! Haha! And, well, I think she knows he has lied to ME a little, about their relationship, so she is just as relieved that I didn't start asking questions, as I was that she didn't.) At this moment, those little details don't matter so much. I just needed to hear where her heart was. I was happy to hear, she respects my marriage and has no desire to destroy it!!
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