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I have to second V's post. At the very least keep it as a friendship till Mountainboy and M have built some sort of friendship or till one or the other calls it quits.Of course Mountainboy and M would have to put forth an honest effort to making a friendship. Lady should not ( cant) be expected to wait for an indetermined amount of time for progress.
Im in the process of building this friendship with C atm.Its not an easy or fun thing to do. But I Love LR and although C has hurt me deeply to the core of my being he has also put forth the effort to make it up to show me he was only doing the best he could by the woman we both love. He has shown me this by having my back when things got rough between LR and me.He has shown a commitment to the family not just to LR. These are things that M will have to do to earn the trust back. These are things that Mountainboy will have to accept in faith.

It wont be easy and I really do know where you are at Mountainboy and its ok to have those feelings its what you do about them that matters.You can PM me any time.

Peace and Love
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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