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Most people post because they care. Even if you sense frustration in their words, it stems from the fact that they want to see you do well.

I`ll sound like a broken record here, as I have said this for years... I remember about 15 years ago, when someone was blunt with me.
I did the :
'You don`t know me !'
' How dare you, you`re so rude ! ' responses too.

As time wore on, I learned that the blunt advice and tough love, was what stayed in my head, and I made better decisions with experience.

All the hand-holding was nice. Comforting. Supporting.
It didn`t teach me how to handle the problem the next time it arose, though.

Even if one says 'you reap what you sow' . ( ) you can choose to see it as a condemnation, or you can choose to acknowledge it, and sort out where things come from, and where they are likely going. When this comes naturally, you can then move in a direction that allows you to plant more solid foundations.

Ok enough lecturing by me. I need a snack ! Num. Num.
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