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Default Its time for a change of scenery

So F and I are doing well. I think we are pulling out of NRE and moving into a sustainable level of energy. It feels good to have a strong support, but I realized the other night that I still need R, as my best friend. R knew exactly what to say when I had a breakdown. F hasn't been around long enough to know what the right things to say are. I know that R will always be my best friend, I was worried that things would change after our relationship was romantic for so long, but its the same as we have been for the last decade.

im moving to a new house, and F and I have spent every night since the vacation together (sometimes at his house, but mostly mine), so he has a lot of his things here, it means he is going to either move them back to his place or move them to my new place. When I showed him the new place, he was commenting on how some of his things that are in storage would go well in the new place. It is bigger than what I have now, so I dont have the furniture to fill it and he knows this. He said he would be willing to put some of his things there to fill out the space until I could get some things.

So though it is way too early, we had the move-in talk, the first of many I'm sure. F said he doesnt want to leave his place now, but some of his things have no home right now, and if they work in the house, then he has no problem with them being there (well duh, it was his idea). He also said that he wasnt sure how the whole him and John under the same roof would work, especially if John hates him. He said he wants to move in but he's scared. I know that he will be there all the time, and that if he needs an out he has it, so Im figuring we let it happen naturally.

Speaking of John and F, John is impressed with him, but F is scared that John wont like him. John has never disliked a guy that respected our relationship. and F respects it more than anyone has in the past, except maybe R. I think the next time John is on Gtalk and F is with me, I will have them talk. F wants to hang out with just John for a little bit when he is home.

I am so hopefully, I want F to be what Ive been looking for, he is so far.
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