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Just got back from meeting a new client for a cat-sitting gig I took on. Will be visiting this woman's kitty twice a day for 2 weeks, making a little bit of cash, so that's good.

But I am so sad now... this woman is a hoarder. Now I can be a mess, and messy places don't tend to get to me too much, but... this woman lives in a luxury high-rise and her big apartment is filled with boxes, bags, and junk, with little paths winding through the rooms. Her cat's dishes and water bowl was surrounded by bottles of cleaning supplies (I moved them away), and she couldn't find the instructions she said she had printed out for me.

The dishes and utensils were all spotless on the dish rack. The bathroom was clean and smelled nice, actually. The china cabinet was full of sparkling crystal glasses and expensive china. The rest of the place was a disaster zone, with crap piled high and just a little spot on her huge L-shaped sofa to sit, and I could literally feel how depressed this woman is.

I think it jarred me because it reminded me of my mother. She wasn't quite a hoarder, but close to it, with many mental issues, and was very sad and depressed for years. I don't think I would accept this job if it weren't for the fact that I know she's leaving tomorrow and the cat needs someone. Oy, the poor cat.

*heavy sigh*
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