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Rambling, random thoughts. Trying to figure things out.

This lack of communication with Possibility is driving me absolutely and totally bonkers!

I've been feeling kind of emotionally numb and uncentered for a couple of weeks and I don't know why.

I've tried and tried to get his whole family involved in things, they enjoy themselves when my efforts are successful, we all do. For a while I would email/FB them a couple of weeks before a holiday weekend, wanting to know if they wanted to do anything together as a family. Never, not once, did I get a reply other than through the grapevine or if I physically went over there and talked to them face to face. I finally gave up trying to get us all together for anything planned. I don't deal well with frustration so I just decided that the frustration level wasn't worth it for me .

They haven't even noticed! Two or three holidays have gone by since I stopped trying, another one is about to go by, and NO ONE has even mentioned getting together! :cry

I don't get over there very often. The only time I have to do so is after work and it takes me 90 minutes to get there from work. By the time I get there I have about a half hour before I have to catch my bus home so I can eat supper and spend time with Breathes and my son before I head off to bed (possibly help son with his homework as well). I'm welcome there on gaming nights as well but I end up bored nearly to tears so, once again, it isn't worth it.

Possibility's communication sucks and I'm finding myself falling into that trap as well. I see the trap of non-communication, I know what it means for me, what can I do to avoid it?

I know I have to talk to him about it, let him know what this does for me but I'm scared to for some reason.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGG! Apparently my own family doesn't know how to communicate either! Brother just texted me asking me to text him if his step son needs anything/has any problems! 1. I didn't know he was even OUT OF TOWN until an hour ago! 2. I have no vehicle so can't get there quickly if I am needed. 3. Step son is 16! Never been on his own for more than a few hours before! They will be gone four or five days! isn't that too young to be on your own for nearly a whole week???!!!!

Blah, lost my train of thought, random or not.
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