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Happiness for me is a temporary state, like NRE in a relationship. Change happens and it evaporates. Contentment is a state that can be reached on a permanent, or near permanent basis.

When I have been content in my life, I have known who I am, who I am in relation to other people, especially my wife, understood our relationship and personal goals, and felt good that we were on our way to achieving them. I had work I enjoyed and a purpose in life - even if that purpose was not a grandiose thing but a small, personal scale one.

And, yes, this can be a trap too. One can stay put in the status quo for too long, avoid change, don't work on oneself. I've made all those mistakes more than once. (This is profoundly frustrating for me. I hate making the same mistakes over and over.)

So now that Beloved and I are re-evaluating everything - including if we should stay together at all - I am not happy. I am not content. I hope that Beloved and I can work through things and sort ourselves out - and that can lead to contentment again. We'll see.

Anyway, Minxxa, I think you are doing everything right. Kudos to you!
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