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I did a lot of thinking about this topic last year when everything was falling apart. I wasn't happy and part of that was that everything I was doing was an obligation, something I should be doing, etc. ie. Housework, my job, kids activities, my husband's events, etc. There was nothing that I was doing on a regular basis that was just for me. I also looked around and realized that I really didn't have any close friends, because all the people I called friends were people my husband was involved with through church or his activities. As soon as I made a conscious effort to "fix" this, my happiness level started to rise.

I joined a group where I can put to use some of my favorite hobbies and have my efforts appreciated. Huge boost to the self confidence and ego . I have also realized that I NEED something to look and work forward to. If life is just trudging along, I get quite morose, but now I have a weekly dinner/movie/sewing meeting with new friends to look forward to as well as events to prepare for every couple months and I actually feel happy.

I still have my emotional break downs and I will never be in an extended state of calm, as my husband thinks is necessary, but I am happy, happier than I have been in many years.
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