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Wow, thanks guys! I really appreciate your insights, it could be any one of those, lol. Looks like I have something to talk about with him tonight

We communicate effortlessly, I have expressed my feelings directly in a variety of ways and analogies (that seem to just work for me, lol), I even went as far as reading an excerpt from my journal to him, so he could truly grasp my inner emotions. He is good at talking with me, but he has issues with naming and defining the emotions that he feels. So we usually take a long time, trying to understand where he is coming from and what his major hangups are.

It would be surprising to find an insecurity in there, as he is pretty self-loving, but perhaps that is an underlying issue for us to delve into. He is also of the school that if he tries hard enough, he can fix this. He thinks it is an internal relationship problem and that it has nothing with my innate need for multiple partners. After reading him my journal though, he is starting to get how strongly I feel about it. He is still reading "Open" and I saw him lurking on this forum, so there is hope. He is trying. I just have to keep the conversation going. It really helps having you all here supporting me/us with great questions/topics to talk to each other about.

Thank you! (Oh and thanks for all of the HUGS!! Love is great)
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