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Default New in a Traid and loving it!

I would like to at least say hello to all and welcome any and all comments about triad relationships. I am in a MFF triad with a couple who have been married for 12 yrs. I am 47, they are M52 and F54. I met them both on a swinger site more than two years ago and have moved from the east coast to the west coast to be permantly with them in an exclusive relationship. We will be as some say, Poly-Fi...I prefer to say a committed cirlce of three, but the term or title isn't as important as most would say.
We have had some hiccups along the way and most have been of my own feelings of being a third wheel sometimes because their 'couple' relationship was/is so strong to begin with, it's hard to find where I fit. Again, when we all talk about it, it turns out it is more about my feelings than the actual reality of the situation. I am bi-sexual so yes the sex is great and we are working to make sure we all pay very good attention to each of the diads within the triad...we make dates....we communicate all the time.
I hope there will be those of you who ask me questions and also those of you who will share your successes and concerns with me....I am very open minded about sexuality...I am an extremely sexual, loving and passionate of all things in my life kind of woman....I am enjoying being loved, really loved, by two wonderful people and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Thanks for reading.
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