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I know Maca is in process of a reply.
Yes some of what you say is close.

I don't think I would say he gets belligerent though... he's... hmmm how to put it. he tends more towards the little boy side and it seems almost whiny to me.

Maca isn't a Yeller (that would be me) and he's not one to do the "I"m a big bad guy" thing either. He isn't the ultra macho type (he can fake it in certain circumstances, but not in a deep conversation). He's just easily hurt.

Right now the demons he is facing are from so far back. But even though he knows this and even though he knows that in order to really deal with them he has to face them, he tends to jump on the "but you said.." or "But you did..." train. All of the buts are true, BUT they aren't the REAL issues.

Does that make sense?
I'm truly looking forward to his reply... I've been waiting on pins and needles all day for his reaction to my new threads. I just really needed to get some thoughts out and I thought (went back and reread later) I did a decent job stating my thoughts without being a bitch. But I hope he thinks so too!
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