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Well I guess I can answer this

You are close RP. I was 10 when my life crashed around me.With out going into a lot of detail my mother F'd my father over and I was first hand witness to it. 14 years latter she F'd me over also. I dont have a lot of trust for women. ( thats not the only one but that is the most important one to me).

LR is a brilliant and loving person but she is ( dare I say) over educated...She gets into a conversation with me and it feels as though ( with the tone she uses) that she considers me a little child that just dosent see how things are supposed to be.Im not very receptive to being treated that way so I get defensive and fight to be the winner. I dont see things the same way that she does so we clash.

The communication skills we are learning are helping but when she gets on a roll I have to remember to put those skills to use . Shes not good at slowing down and seeing the need to change HOW she is talking to me. To her credit the reason she has difficulties slowing her communication down is because she was rasied much differently from me and to her these concepts of love and relationships are like breathing. So she gets frustrated.

Im going to post my thoughts about this more in depth but not tonite.
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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