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Originally Posted by Tinyblu View Post
So maybe I do have it wrong. I'm experiencing feelings, but I don't seriously think he's where I am.

As for DADT, I really don't think I can handle knowing about his other sexual encounters (I am assuming he has them). He has alluded to being involved in some other sexual situations with women that he has known on and off for years, and I have somewhat deducted that he may have a couple of local ex-girlfriends (if I can call them that) that he sleeps with, but for me ignorance is bliss.
Based on your reactions when one of his lovers does surface and become "real" rather than unknown, I don't think it really is as blissful as you tell yourself. It looks like it really bothers you that he has other women in his life.

Originally Posted by Tinyblu View Post
Maybe that isn't so healthy... I am aware that he's doing it, but I don't want to know the details. I try to just focus on our time together and not worry about the things I can't control like where he puts his dick...
Well, it is good to focus on your time together and be present, and no, you can't control where he sticks it (and am I correct in recalling that you are in a different state?), but if he also sticks it in you, the number of partners and how he conducts himself regarding safer sex should concern you. You don't have to know details about what he does with someone else, but you have every right to know how many people he fucks, whether he uses protection with all of them (as I hope he does with you, too), and how many he considers serious partners and how many are more casual flings. It is good to generally be aware of when he is out with someone else, or which days he devotes to other women, to have a system of knowing when you can call without interrupting a date, things like that. And you have every right to ask that he provide you with results from tests for STDs and STIs (although if they're not recent, tests need to be done again periodically).
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