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Maybe I need to back up some. His wife is aware of our relationship, and is ok with it. He and I do have a romantic relationship. Though she is aware of our relationship, I dont know if she is aware of his desire to turn this the direction of the three of us living in close proximity or even together. (did that clear things up?)

as far as what i want... I do want to be with him.. He's been married the entire time I've known him and he and I have just gotten romantic over the past 2-3 years.. so I'm used to him having his life with her. So I'm fairly sure I would be ok with he and I having a separate residence from him and her.

sorry if i'm all choppy - this is really weighing heavy on my mind - plus i'm sick. he's not at all pressuring me or not letting me have time. I'm just really wanting to feel like I have a good handle on things before he and I move forward...
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