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This thread is for posting and discussing news stories related to either polyamory, intimate relationships, sexuality (e.g., LGBT issues), or related themes.


DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell), the US military policy which disallowed openly gay/lesbian involvement in the US military, has finally been officially repealed today. It is over.

I'd never consider being in the US military, myself. But I'm happy to see this landmark event in equal treatment of gay and lesbian and bisexual people.

PS - Clicking on Tags > newspapers reveals pre-existing threads on news, however, these threads are on polyamory in the news. I thought we could benefit from a thread which explicitly allows postings on related matters. Example: LGBT matters in the news. LGBT matters are relevant here (a) because many regulars in this forum are themselves LGBT folks and (b) because LGBT folks and poly folks are often treated as outcasts and outsiders in society. Marginalized, if you will. Obviously, other topics will also be of interest for similar kinds of reasons.

Perhaps none of the many LGBT folks in here have responded to the above news item because the ending of DADT feels like a sort of pyrrhic victory, a step "forward" which seems to amount to nothing more than providing yet more cannon fodder for a misused military? I get that. If that's the reason. Still, I feel glad that yet another artifact of bigotry has fallen by the wayside. It feels like a necessary step toward us queer folk being ... well, just people. Regular folk.
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