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Thanks A I get where you are coming from now and the usage of the quote. I don't think submissive and secondary go hand in hand really, but maybe for you they do. And Mono too maybe. Although its been changed up due to negotiating when I feel good about being dominate and when I don't and won't.

There was no need to ask me about the quote, although I appreciate your consideration. Mono and I don't agree on everythjing and this topic is one of them. Its really a none issue to m$e as it isn't my quote.

The best part about being poly and in the kind of relationship dynamic we are in (its not really about poly, but I find poly people choose a similar path to me relationship wise. Besides it works well with poly) is that I don't have to agree with him, take on his belief system, do as he does or back him up because I am not him and he does and thinks stuff that I wouldn't. Sure I support hom but not to the detriment of my own beliefs.

Anyway, good luck with this interesting topic.
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