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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
However the fact it is sometimes turned into some 'must-do' that everyone should strive for, reeks of that other cult-like persuasion ( meaning devotion in extremes, to a 'ideal' poly).... that can come from a small percentage of people that like to try and overrule all.
Agreed! I only heard of the term a week ago or so on this very board, and it was from a woman who was insisting that her husband wasn't allowed to watch porn because she didn't feel any compersion from it. WTF?! So... okay, the concept has a time and a place, people.

Now that the term has been defined for me better on this thread, I realize that I have felt compersion. I've thought, about my husband's conquest: "Good for you, honey! I knew you could do it! Go team!"

A pretty good feeling.
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